Tucson CPR, First Aid, ACLS Training and Certification

CPR ECC AUTHORIZED PROVIDERFirehouse CPR and First Aid is an American Heart Association (AHA) Authorized Training Site serving Southern Arizona. We specialize in CPR AED & First Aid Training Courses, BLS – Basic Life Support Training & ACLS Training Courses. We have been teaching AHA courses for over 15 years with great success. This is because we are a one stop, one-session program and use highly experienced instructors who give top of the line on hands training and offer a two-year certification, at a fair cost with online registration and payment.

You can use our site to review CPR skills, get valuable information or reserve a class. Firehouse CPR and First Aid makes it easy for you to attend scheduled training classes, or with a minimum of six students, we will come to you. We offer discounts for large groups. CPR ACLS Small Classes TucsonFirehouse CPR and First Aid has over 15 years of training experience and use the latest guidelines to make sure your training is enjoyable and make it easy for you to retain more and feel confident in your emergency response skills. You know your training will be accurate and precise because experienced medical and emergency professionals will train you. We will offer you hands on knowledge and make you feel confident about the emergency life saving skills you learn.

We also use The American Heart Association’s proven  “Practice-While-Watching (PWW)” to teach adult CPR and AED. This technique uses instructors to observe the students and provide valuable feedback, which helps with retention.

Firehouse CPR ACLS & First Aid is your source for:

  • First Aid CPR AED Training and Instruction
  • BLS –  Basic Life Support Training
  • ACLS  – Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

Why Choose Firehouse CPR and First Aid?

  • Fifteen years of training and teaching experience
  • AHA Courses
  • Practice-While-Watching teaching technique
  • Small classes
  • Online payment
  • Online registration
  • Offer discounts for large groups
  • Will come to you with a minimum number of students

We take pride in every class we teach and know you will gain a great deal from our classes. From Nogales to Casa Grande, we provide excellent training and education. If you are in Tucson or one of the surrounding areas, we will give you the knowledge and skills you need to help save lives with confidence. Let Firehouse CPR and First Aid train you to confidently respond to an emergency medical situation. Call today to get certified.

The ability to save a life is one click away.


Book Requirement Notice:
The AHA requires students to have a course booklet before, during and after the course. Each participant must either already have purchased (in the past), be in possession of, or have access to course booklets at their place of employment at all times (hospital, etc.) in order to be exempt from having to purchase a book. Should this not be the case, then you may purchase a course booklet either directly online from WorldPoint ECC or from us at our facility. As a courtesy to our participants, we provide a book prior to the course commencement and during the course itself. This is simply for your convenience should you not be allowed to check out the booklet from your place of employment.

Materials Needed for Class:

Available via WorldPoint or Channing-Bete Website or at our Facility

BLS for Healthcare Providers Student Manual($15.00)

First Aid CPR AED Student Manual ($15.00)

ACLS Provider Student Manual ($40.00)

Course Cost:

First Aid CPR AED – $55.00 (Includes Required Book)

BLS – Basic Life Support$50.00 (Includes Required Book)


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